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Please allow approx. 8 hours for this course. This program this is going to teach you all the basics of vehicle dynamics and high performance driving and how it plays a big role in how you get around the race track. After each classroom session we provide a track- prepped Mustang GT and give you the time with track sessions to practice and  improve your new car control skills .


Customized Gift Certificates are available in any denomination.


8AM >> November 1 = 2 seats remaining

8AM >> November 22 = 4 seats remaining

8AM >> December 10 = 4 seats remaining

8AM >> December 11 = 4 seats remaining

8 Hour Pricing

For more information or for Reservations call 760-227-3100 or


An expansion on the One-Day school, this 16-hour, two-day program uses classroom sessions show you how to use the heel-toe downshifting and threshold braking techniques in combination with visual reference points. Together, this lets you link corners into seamless, high-speed combinations that result in fast, controlled and consistent laps. Perfect for someone who is looking to take their skills to the next level.


8 AM >> November 1 & 2 = 2 seats remaining

Other dates for this course are scheduled upon interest.


16 hour pricing

 To request a date or to make Reservations call 760-227-3100 or email

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This program introduces you to the basics of high-performance driving. when you get behind the wheel of one of our powerful 2013 Mustang GTs.

What sets us apart from other courses? We keep our Student to Instructor Ratio class sizes small which mean4 hour Course pricings you get a more personable experience, where the instructor gets to know you, your driving experience and what YOU can accomplish.


Basic Itinerary Outline:

Arrive at Track and Check in (Please note that all paperwork and fees MUST be done at this point)

Classroom Session #1~  Student Introduction/Vehicle Introduction

On Track Session #1 ~ Lead/Follow 6 laps to learn the driving line of the track. The instruction is going to show you the quickest and safest way around the track.

Classroom Session #2 ~ Understanding the Race Track, at this point the instructor break downs each turn and where he brakes, where he turns in, and where he accelerates.

On Track Session # 2~ Open Drive (with No Passing) Now that you have been shown the track and what to do it’s time for you to find your own why around the track. The instructor will have communication with you via an on-board radio. This will help you correct any mistakes right when it happens, or he can give you feedback so you know how you did.

Classroom Session #3 ~ Discover what you felt and your experience of the track and learn what can be worked on.

On Track Session #3 ~ This is it this is your last 20 minutes to try to progress and challenge yourself.

Allow approx. 4 hours for this experience.  



  8 AM >> November 11 = 3 seats remaining

 8AM >> November 22 = 4 seats remaining

8AM >> December 10 = 4 seats remaining

8AM >> December 11 = 4 seats remaining

For more information or for Reservations call 760-227-3100 or



Kevin Cornwall
My experience of the half day racing academy didn't meet my expectations, it far exceeded them! Bob is an incredible instructor and does a great job of conveying his knowledge of racing to the students.My time at the track was  the highlight of my vacation and something I'll be talking about until I come back next year to do the 2 day class. Whatever skill level your at Bob will make you better. Even if you have no interest in racing what you learn will make you a better, more confident everyday driver.
I can't thank everybody at the academy enough!


After a brief classroom session, strap on a helmet, zip up your driving suit, get your 5 point harness fitted to you and fire up a 420-horsepower, 2013 race-prepped Mustang GT as you get to drive around our 2.68 mile road course for an intense 6 lead/follow laps. Yep you are driving, not riding as a passenger. It’s a rush that will leave you breathless – and hungry for more! Allow approx. 90 minutes for this experience.


8AM >> November 22 = 4 seats remaining


90 minute pricing 

For more information or for Reservations call 760-227-3100,  


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Want to know what it feels like to ride in a race car? Then this is the experience for you or it makes a great gift too.

Hold on to your seat as this is a heart stopping, breath taking experience, as you ride along in the passenger seat wearing a helmet with one of our Pro Driving Instructors in a 420-horsepower, race-prepped 2013 Mustang GT for 2 laps. LIMITED AVAILABILITY!

Hot Laps

Makes a Great Gift Idea!

For available dates call 760-227-3100 or email

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All paperwork is required to be sent back within 7 Calendar days in order for us to reserve a seat (unless it is a gift), if required paperwork is NOT received, we can not guarantee a reservation.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations or Re-Schedules must be made not less than 7 Calendar Days prior to event. Customers may only re-schedule ONCE for a fee of $100. For Customers
using paying academy or using Vouchers, any cancellations made less than 7 Calendar Days prior to event may cause the voucher to be considered redeemed, at reasonable discretion of the
Academy. There shall be no monetary refunds of payment and Vouchers shall be considered redeemed for the following: (i) any cancellations made less than 48 hours to scheduled
event; and/or, (ii) the failure to appear at a scheduled event.

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Other CVR Academy Services:

Designed for each individual student, our Private Coaching programs use classroom sessions,  and on-track instruction to help every client meet their personal goals. Perfect for returning students or the sport driver who wants to improve skills or move into professional racing.

$500/4 hours (Only Available during an open track day event or you may rent the track for Exclusive Use)

Russ Peterson
I learned SO much from the day with Bob... let him know I won both of the T2 races, AND got down to my best laps in the low 2:03s at the end of the Sunday race!... It surely couldn't have happened without the coaching and insights I got from Bob, upon which to build upon! I will surely send anyone I talk to who would like a track day experience to call you, and look forward to seeing you all Next year!! Thanks again


For available dates call 760-227-3100 or email

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This course is for  teens 14 and older we teach the skills they need to remain safe behind the wheel. This program emphasizes situation avoidance and defensive driving and is tailored to each student, from first-timers to advanced teen drivers. Use the family car and give your youngsters a head start on critical skills they will use for a lifetime. Please contact us with name(s) and age(s) of students if interested.

Teen Safety Academy (ages 14-18)  planned for September 11th (Depending on # of Interested Participants)

Call for scheduling and pricing 760-227-3100

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Don’t want to use your own vehicle on the track or don’t want to trailer your track car here?   Drive* our track-ready, 420-horsepower 2013 Ford Mustang GT on our 17 turn technical road course. For the cost of  $1,500 this gives you four 20 -25 minute sessions on the 2.68-mile Chuckwalla Valley Raceway.  Additional sessions are $200 each and like a rental car your responsible for the fuel that you use. Ideal for practicing and perfecting the skills learned in the CVR High Performance Driving Academy classes for our previous students. This option is great for those automotive open track day events.

* Upon Approval of CVR Instructor or Management

For available dates call 760-227-3100 or email

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We can help with

~Team-building adventures   ~Sales incentive rewards    ~Holiday parties that your employees or clients never will forget    ~Birthday celebrations  ~Bachelor/ette Parties

CVR’s High Performance Driving Academy can make your special event truly special. Let CVR customize an individual program to meet the specific needs of your corporation or agency.

Call for more information or date availability 760-227-3100

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Academy Inquiries

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