Safety Tips


You can practice your driving skills on our tracks but the real deal happens when you are out on the road along with other motorists, experiencing different weather conditions, stuck in traffic, and bracing yourself for what might happen next while you are driving. 

Here are some safety tips that we can give you, one fellow driver to another so you can be sure to stay road on the road. 

  1. Make sure you are physically and mentally prepared for driving. Know your destination, plan ahead, and schedule your trip. Do not drive when you are under the influence of alcohol or any medication that can affect your senses and reflexes. You know your body and listen to it. You know if you are capable of driving yourself or not. 
  1. Have the necessary tools and equipment handy in case an emergency happens. Check your car regularly. Make sure everything is functioning well before you hit the road. Check your gas. 
  1. Wear your seat belt and if you have passengers, make sure they are also wearing theirs. For those traveling with babies, make sure that their car seats are properly secured. 
  1. Observe traffic rules and stay focused while driving. Do not use your mobile phones or multi-task while driving. Be aware of other motorists and be on the alert for what may happen on the road. 
  1. Drive slowly but surely. Mind the speed limit. If you can help it, do not hurry. Drive deliberately so that you have ample time to react in case there are unexpected occurrences on the road. 
  1.  Stop for food, toilet breaks, making a phone call, or just to take a break. 
  1. Always have what you need within your reach such as your license, cash, toll gate passes, and parking cards.  

Remember, practice safety first. Your loved ones are waiting for you to get home.