Welcome to Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. Let’s go race! 

Our track is located in Rice Road Desert Center, California. It is 2.68 miles long and 40 feet wide in excellent Grand Prix fashion. The raceway has 17 corners. Each bend presents a challenge to our drivers and there are various road elevation changes to make it even more exciting. It is perfect for practice driving for beginners and a race track for cars and motorcycles. The raceway itself has a nice backdrop view of the beautiful Palm Springs that makes it ideal for photographs and provide a nice landscape for your adventure. 

Chuckwalla Valley Raceway is the most trusted raceway by automobile companies because of our world-class facilities. Our brand partners are Falken Tire, Star Car Sports, Autopower, Konig, Prolong, Yamaha Generators, VP Racing, Sun Vista, Eibach, HJC, Magnaflow Performance, Hawk, and Auto-Blip. 

Chuckwalla Valley Raceway offers driving lessons for beginners and those who want to learn high-performance driving through the CVR Academy. We offer private coaching, teen safety driving, and Hot Laps Racing Tutorials. Each lesson has different levels to follow the progress of our learning drivers and racers. We will make sure that you have all the information and knowledge that you need from our classroom sessions and on the track instructions. You will learn the basics and prepare yourself for high-speed racing.   

Good news. We are open for membership. You may choose from our Corporate, Hybrid, Lifetime, and Junior Membership options to find the package that will best suit you. Members and their beneficiaries will enjoy the benefits of having exclusive access to our elite amenities, own parking spaces, trailer storage, schedule open track days, avail of CVR discounts and promos, other complimentary services, and discounts from our partner establishments. The annual membership rates start at $10,000. Talk to our CVR representatives now. 

Chuckwalla Valley Raceway can also be a venue for special events such as birthdays, family gatherings, reunions, corporate events, and team building. It doesn’t get more unique and exciting than this, right? Book your event with us and guarantee you an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. We can also make arrangements for accommodations for you and your loved ones. We are affiliated with Fantasy Springs, Quality Inn and Suites, Holiday Inn Express, WorldMark by Wyndham, Best Western Date Tree, JW Marriott, Renaissance, Lake Tamarisk Resort, and Hard Rock. You can also do on-site camping or trailer rentals. Just coordinate with our Events Team so that we can arrange everything for you. 

Check our website for automobile and motorcycle events, car shows, and race series. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get the latest news about Chuckwalla Valley Raceway and everything about vehicles and car sports. When you are ready for it, we invite you to sign up for Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association for some exciting motorcycle racing. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take your vehicles out of your garage in Las Vegas and join us for some fun and adventure on the race tracks! If any case you are stuck in your garage, you can definitely use A1 Las Vegas garage door repair services.